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"Hello Future Musicians"
Lessons in your Home ! (That's right I will come to you)

I have openings for a limited number of piano students, all levels are welcome from very beginner to serious advanced.

I don't just teach you how to play the piano, I'll teach you how to read, write and play music, improve your technical skill, use your ears, imagination, and creativity.  I will teach you how to improvise and play all styles of music.  My students enjoy their lessons and they look forward to the next lesson.  Practicing becomes fun because you are in a discovery process not just a by wrote exercise.

I have many years of teaching experience and have had students from ages 7 - 70.  I am not stuck on one style or type of music I believe you should be able to play a little from all styles - Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Oldies, New Age, Rag-Time, Ethnic.  I can help you build a foundation in musical theory and practice that will enable you to master any instrument you want.

I have gone on to teach myself the flute, saxophone, and guitar.  Piano and music theory are the basic building blocks to any instrument.  I can even teach you how to create computer sequences and multi-layer compositions.  I think one of the reasons I am a good teacher is because I never stop learning.  Always being a student gives me a good perspective of how my students feel.

Nothing can match the sense of satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from being able to sit down and play any song your heart desires.  The saddest phrase I ever hear is, "I used to play the piano", to me that's like saying "I used to know how to walk".  My students don't forget how to play because I don't teach them how to memorize, I teach them how to learn and teach themselves.

Lessons are $35/30 minutes once a week or bi-weekly.  I generally follow school schedules so students will not have lessons on the days when there is no school.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Just go back one page to see my contact information.  Feel free to call me or Email.  Thank you.